Grab Lorry in Wimbledon | An Introductory Guide to Aggregate

Do you need large quantities of aggregate delivered to your construction site in Wimbledon or the surrounding areas? At LTS Grab Hire, we can help. As a leading name in local and regional domestic rubbish clearance, commercial waste clearance and muck away services, we have a varied grab lorry fleet. However, we don’t only use our vehicles for collections. As aggregate suppliers, we can deliver various materials in bulk to a location of your choice.


We pride ourselves on offering the best possible service for our clients, from those new to the industry to veterans with decades of experience. As such, on this page, we have provided an introductory guide to the most popular aggregates we supply to sites in and around Wimbledon.

To schedule your own aggregate delivery, please call us on 0203 633 7004 or 07772 045 137. From rubbish clearance and waste clearance to grab hire and muck away services, our grab lorry fleet meets your every need.


The Most Popular Types of Aggregate


Construction aggregate is an essential part of building projects across the UK. With a wide range of variations, aggregate has multiple purposes. One of the most common is to help stabilise foundations.


Aggregate is composed of inert granular materials including sand and stone. At LTS Grab Hire, we sell and deliver premium materials as well as secondary aggregates sourced from our own muck away, grab hire and waste and rubbish clearance jobs.


If needed, the grab lorry (or lorries) at your Wimbledon site can carry out rubbish or waste clearance following the delivery of your aggregate.

The most popular kinds of aggregate we supply include:


  • Ballast – This product is usually a mix of course, heavy materials found in grab hire, muckaway, waste clearance and rubbish clearance jobs. These include sand, small stone, gravel, slag and crushed rock. Ballast provides stability and volume to structures and their foundations. It is also used to create concrete for laying paving and slabs.
  • Gravel – Comprised of crushed stone, gravel is a loose material without a uniform size. In fact, individual stones vary from approximately 5mm to 15mm. In most cases, gravel consists of round beach pebbles or angular quarried sandstone and limestone. Our grab lorry fleet can either remove gravel as part of a muck away service in Wimbledon, or deliver new gravel as needed.
  • Hardcore – This aggregate consists of bulky, solid materials like brick and concrete. Crushed coarsely, it is used primarily as fill in construction work. When layering, hardcore fill is usually no less than 15mm thick. As specialists in everything from domestic rubbish clearance to commercial waste clearance, LTS Grab Hire takes an active approach to recycling materials for use as hardcore and much more.
  • Topsoil – As the name suggests, topsoil is the uppermost layer of the soil we find under our feet. This organic material has a composition that includes clay, sand and broken down rocks. Rich in nutrients, our clients in Wimbledon use topsoil for projects like garden improvements and landscaping. If your project involves excavation, our grab lorry vehicles can remove topsoil as part of a muck away service.


As licensed waste carriers, we meet all domestic rubbish clearance, commercial waste clearance, muckaway, grab hire and aggregate supply needs throughout Wimbledon.

Call LTS Grab Hire on 0203 633 7004 or 07772 045 137 to discuss your needs. Our fleet of grab lorry vehicles cover all locations in Wimbledon and the neighbouring areas.