Waste Clearance in Weybridge | The Basics of a Rubbish Clearance Project

Choose LTS Grab Hire for waste clearance or muck away projects in Weybridge to benefit from a service that always reaches an exceptional standard. We use a grab lorry to provide your property or site with a timely, efficient rubbish clearance that includes spoil removal from earthworks. From the provision of services which mobilise your own operations, to protecting contractors, customers and the environment, we deliver a professional one-stop service to set specifications.


Your satisfaction matters to LTS Grab Hire.


A handy location in Lower Tadworth makes our company the ideal choice for rubbish clearance, waste clearance and muck away work in Weybridge. Using a grab lorry is far more efficient than hiring skips, particularly on larger, high-value projects where everything needs to run as smoothly as possible.


Here, we explain how we deliver our grab hire services.


Before a Major Rubbish Clearance


On larger projects in Weybridge, we can send out somebody to survey your site and assess your needs. Prior to arranging a grab lorry, we’ll make a written analysis of your rubbish and waste clearance needs, and of any muck away requirements you might have. If you have large volumes of spoil to remove, for example, we can factor in a tipper truck or two as well.


LTS Grab Hire will also evaluate public facilities, potential impact on other businesses and the likelihood of disruption in the surrounding areas. We advise that you give all other parties advance warning of forthcoming clearance works.


Starting a Waste Clearance


Muck away work will usually need us to handle inert and non-inert materials. Anything we extract for reuse or recycling can go into a storage area and we make removals of different waste types separately. LTS Grab Hire can plan the earlier stages of a rubbish clearance in such a way as to help you establish storage for plant and equipment, temporary offices, facilities for contractors and security fencing for the site.


Potentially hazardous materials might not be permissible for transport on a grab lorry. We may advise that you keep waste of this type in secure storage at your Weybridge site until such measures can be made for its safe but timely removal.


Site Control and Finalisation


While working with you on muck away or rubbish clearance jobs, we maintain a culture of safety and provide full control over the areas our own personnel work in. Having a grab lorry or a tipper truck onsite comes with a few potential hazards but LTS Grab Hire helps you to manage them by supplying trained operators to man our fleet. The main objective we have is to clear your site of waste quickly, safely and affordably.

Upon completion of waste clearances in Weybridge, we take materials to licensed transfer stations for recycling.


LTS Grab Hire has an excellent safety record and a strong local reputation for enabling works through its clearance and muck away services. We look forward to helping you too, and to making you another of our satisfied customers and clients.

For rubbish and waste clearance services in Weybridge, call LTS Grab Hire on 0203 633 7004 or 07772 045 137.