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Grab Lorry in Walton-on-Thames | Modern Fleet Features


Based in Lower Tadworth, LTS Grab Hire provides vital waste clearance services for all customers in Walton-on-Thames and the surrounding areas. Place your rubbish clearance and muck away needs into the hands of a responsible grab hire company that fulfils customer and client obligations by investing heavily into its fleet. We know that a modern grab hire lorry provides numerous benefits you can’t find with a traditional skip hire service.


In fact, we’re prepared to put ourselves on the line and claim that a grab lorry is the most cost-effective, efficient and easiest way to manage rubbish clearance, waste clearance and muck away projects in Walton-on-Thames compared to any other type of service – including skip hire and even the larger roll-on/roll-off containers used in the commercial sector.


Below are just two of the many benefits a grab hire vehicle brings to site.


Manned Operators


Use a skip and somebody, somewhere, has to provide the labour. For a domestic customer in Walton-on-Thames, this means handling the physical side of a rubbish clearance manually with no help from the skip hire company. For commercial clients, it means losing members of their workforce to waste clearances when there are still other things waiting to done.


Industrial clients with muck away projects suffer more than most unless they have their own equipment on site to fill tipper trucks. It all results in the same thing:




A grab lorry comes with a manned operator who loads waste material, rubbish, soil and aggregates onto the vehicle for you. When we handle clearances in Walton-on-Thames, our operators take the hard work out of your hands and load the grab lorry in 20 minutes. Compare this to the amount of time it takes to fill skips and containers, and it’s easy to see why more and more people are choosing LTS Grab Hire for rubbish and waste clearances.


Extending Hydraulic Arms


One of the other major benefits a grab lorry brings to sites in the nearby Walton-on-Thames area is the ability to collect waste material from hard-to-access areas. The extending hydraulic arm on a grab hire vehicle covers a length of up to 7.5m, more than enough to reach over fences, barriers, hoardings and bushes to pick up materials inadvertently left where it isn’t always easy to gather in bulk or to transfer into a skip or a container.


To ensure your own personnel have sufficient space to handle other obligations during a project in Walton-on-Thames, it isn’t unusual for our clients to forget about rubbish clearance, waste clearance and muck away access until it’s too late. A grab lorry from LTS Grab Hire eliminates issues with reach thanks to the hydraulic technology behind it.


In fact, choosing LTS Grab Hire brings a wealth of advantages to site and eliminates the many access issues of skip hire – including the hassle of having to organise roadside permits.


Arrange a grab lorry to visit your Walton-on-Thames site for waste clearance work by calling LTS Grab Hire on 07772 045137.