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Managing a Demolition Rubbish Clearance in Twickenham


Whenever you call upon LTS Grab Hire for assistance with a rubbish clearance or waste clearance project in Twickenham, you do so knowing we’ll always maintain the high quality standards for which we are so well known. From the removal of material from a home improvement project to the collection of aggregates as part of our muck away services, our company delivers timely, efficient services using a modern grab lorry from our fleet.


Safety plays an important part on any successful grab hire job. We provide the facilities needed to help contractors, site visitors and clients, whilst safeguarding the welfare of the general public and the environment throughout the duration of each rubbish clearance, waste clearance or muck away project, wherever it Twickenham it happens to be.


This page explains how to best manage a commercial demolition, and also shows readers how a grab lorry meets job specification where skips and roll-on/roll-off containers cannot.


Before a Demolition Waste Clearance


The basis of any successful waste clearance at a demolition site in Twickenham begins long before LTS Grab Hire arrives on the scene. Usually, a surveyor assesses the site and keeps a written record that includes information on structural analysis, identifies possible disruption to the surrounding area and informs other landowners of where the site boundaries sit.


This ensures the demolition, and the subsequent rubbish clearance or muck away work, stays within the site parameters. Although a grab lorry won’t arrive at this stage, other heavy equipment and machinery to perform the actual demolition work might.


Clearing the Site


Once the waste clearance begins, materials assigned for future use go into storage and the various contractors arrive onsite. To begin with, the contractors separate materials into groups (such as hazardous or non-hazardous for traditional waste, and inert or non-inert for muck away material). LTS Grab Hire usually dispatches a grab lorry to sites in Twickenham soon after the waste separation process with a view to removing acceptable material.


Even if there are obstacles to negotiate, or if there isn’t space to accommodate a grab lorry onsite, our company can still perform rubbish clearances with ease thanks to the reach capacity of the hydraulic arms on our vehicles – which can extend to up to 7.5m in length.


Controlling and Finalising a Waste Clearance


While our operatives are onsite in Twickenham, LTS Grab Hire manages the full control of rubbish clearance, waste clearance and muck away projects. Because we only arrive with a grab lorry when you have material ready for removal, our own clients never need to concern themselves about equipment theft or, in the cases of skips, having capacities affected by unscrupulous companies and individuals who offload their own waste into them.


We supply an operator with every grab lorry so, while we perform the waste clearance work, your own personnel can keep busy finishing and tidying the site ahead of completing the project. In most cases, we can load a grab hire vehicle in around 20 minutes but, if you need more than one lorry or several separate visits, we can always accommodate you.


Call 07772 045137 for rubbish clearance services in Twickenham from an established grab hire company that always puts the needs of the customer first.