Grab Lorry in Shepperton | Your Grab Hire Choices and Acceptable Waste Materials

If you need a traditional or emergency grab hire service in Shepperton with a reliable team of waste management professionals supporting you with site clearances, muck away work or even an aggregate delivery, LTS Grab Hire wants to hear from you. With a grab lorry and mini grab fleet that makes us an ideal choice for domestic or commercial construction work, we have the experience and resources needed to take your projects forward.

This page looks at the two different vehicles we can supply to your project, a key factor here being the load volume, of course, but work in an area with limited access or tight turning circles could also dictate your final choice.

If you need further help and advice, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Grab Lorries vs Mini Grabs

First things first; let's clear up any confusion between a grab lorry and a mini grab. While both are essential for clearing debris from domestic removals and construction work, the key difference lies in their size. A traditional grab lorry is a mainstay of waste management, packing more punch with a capacity that makes it perfect for removing large loads of acceptable materials.

The mini grab is a smaller and more compact cousin of the grab lorry and is an ideal choice for working in tighter spots. It is also a smart choice for small site clearances, waste removals and muck away projects in Shepperton.

Acceptable Waste Materials for Grab Hire

When it comes to construction work and muck away in Shepperton, a grab lorry (or a mini grab) is your best friend. Both vehicles can handle a range of materials so that a site is cleared with ease. You can use either for traditional or emergency grab hire, or for making a prompt aggregate delivery to site.

Here's the lowdown on what we can accept:

Soil and Hardcore – Need to dispose of soil or hardcore? No worries! A grab lorry will happily cart them away to leave your site looking spick and span.

Concrete and Bricks – If construction work has left behind surplus concrete or bricks, a grab lorry can remove them so that they can be recycled.

Green Waste – Don't stress about green waste. A grab lorry or a mini grab can manage branches, leaves and other organic debris with consummate ease.

The materials listed above are frequently removed from construction sites but please keep in mind that we offer grab hire for domestic removals in and around the Shepperton area. We can accept all household waste but it is a great idea to keep on reading so you can learn what we can’t take away.

Non-Permitted Materials

It is important to note which materials shouldn't find their way into the grab lorry's bed. If we arrive to a clearance in Shepperton and find hazardous materials waiting for us, we may not be able to complete the collection and you will need to contact your local authority for advice on removing them.

Here's the lowdown on what we cannot accept:

Hazardous Waste – Keep hazardous materials, like asbestos, chemicals and other potentially harmful substances, separate from acceptable waste.

Appliances – Old electrical appliances have no place on a grab lorry or on a mini grab. Recycle these separately to ensure they are properly managed.

Food Waste – Your everyday household rubbish belongs in the bin, especially food. Save space for construction and discard food in the correct manner.

Choosing a Grab Hire Service Wisely

For site clearance, muck away and aggregate delivery services, a grab lorry or a mini grab ticks all the right boxes. Opting for the best grab hire service is key. Remember that traditional and emergency grab hire are key services in waste management, but understanding what we can handle is crucial.

In Shepperton, where construction work is thriving, choosing the right grab hire service can make all the difference so, whether you are knee-deep in rubble or need help with a smaller waste removal project, choose wisely.

Call LTS Grab Hire on 07497 355162 to hire a grab lorry for waste removals in Shepperton and the Greater London area.