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Planning a Home Rubbish Clearance in Richmond

We understand that it can be a stressful time to move to a new house or prepare your Richmond home for a refurbishment, however our team are adept at managing the entire rubbish clearance for you. At LTS Grab Hire, we specialise in a range of waste clearance and muck away services, from removing garden landscaping waste to getting rid of old furniture and broken appliances. Our grab lorry operators are fully-qualified to take care of any size rubbish clearance on your behalf.

Top Rubbish Clearance Tips

1. Make Time to Tidy Up


The ideal way to organise your time for an efficient rubbish clearance is to dedicate half a day to sorting out each room at your Richmond home that needs to be emptied and cleaned. Depending on the amount of excess materials you have lying around, your garden counts as a room, together with basements, attic spaces and garages. This will help you to visualise the number of items you’ll be throwing out. Clients will also afford themselves with plenty of time to have everything ready for a grab hire and waste clearance company to collect it.


2. Decide What to Throw Away


While muck away services are perfect for alleviating unnecessary hassle, the main DIY element to a house rubbish clearance is picking what possessions you want to keep and what to get rid of. We recommend that Richmond clients adopt a balanced sentimental and pragmatic approach with a label/pile system: one pile to keep, one to throw out and another to donate. We also suggest separating piles allocated for waste clearance into similar types of materials, which will help our grab lorry team to transfer the waste to a recycling centre in the Richmond area.


3. Estimate the Amount of Waste Clearance


Once you have finished organising your unwanted items, it is easier to estimate the volume of rubbish clearance to advise our team on what size grab lorry you need. The simplest way to determine this is if your rubbish has been placed into refuse bags, allowing you to count how many there are. Remember – recyclable items can often be broken down or flat packed to free-up space. Otherwise, Richmond clients can compare their waste capacity to the size of a council bin or traditional 4 to 6-yard skip. No matter how much waste is required for a rubbish clearance job, our grab hire company will provide a grab lorry from our fleet to match your needs.


4. Book a Rubbish Clearance Company


Our grab hire and muck away company is ideally suited to undertaking waste clearance services at homes in Richmond and the nearby areas. While skips can take up a lot of room on your premises and require local council permits for roadside skip hire, our grab lorry is perfectly equipped to remove small, large and multiple loads in a faster space of time.


  • We offer free advice and quotes for competitively priced grab hire services
  • Clients can benefit from same-day, emergency muck away and waste clearances, which are subject to availability
  • We are fully-qualified and insured, holding a Waste Carriers’ licence and covered by up to £10 million in public liability insurance
  • Our muck away team is trained to operate any size grab lorry
  • We collect and remove all non-hazardous rubbish clearance items
  • LTS Grab Hire transfers all waste clearance materials to local recycling plants
  • Our company can supply secondary aggregates for Richmond clients carrying out construction or renovation work, following a waste clearance job

To find out more about our muck away and grab lorry services in Richmond and the wider Surrey, Middlesex and the London areas, call 07772 045 137.