Waste Clearance in Putney | 4 Reasons Why You Need a Grab Hire Vehicle for Your Next Build

Are you planning a new building or construction project soon? If you’ve already managed previous projects to completion, you don’t need us to tell you about the importance of waste removal. Maintaining a clean and tidy site remains vital to time management and achieving targets. Co-ordinating waste clearance can become expensive and time-consuming. This is why so many people in Putney and the neighbouring areas leave their muck away and rubbish clearance in the hands of LTS Grab Hire.


With a fleet of grab lorry vehicles, we have a proven record for meeting the needs of construction projects large and small.


But don’t simply take our word for it. Read on below to find out why a grab hire solution is the perfect fit for your next build.


Why You Should Hire a Grab Lorry for Your Next Project


Grab Hire Vehicles Hold More Waste


When compared with a single builder’s skip, a grab lorry has triple the capacity. Not only does this make your build easier physically, it also saves on costs and space. While you need to hire a skip for the duration of your project, and have it sitting on your Putney site, our grab hire lorry simply arrives as arranged, collects your waste and hauls it away immediately.


In order to provide safe muck away, rubbish clearance and waste clearance services, we only need around 6m of headroom.


A Grab Lorry Can Handle Various Kinds of Waste


Will your build in Putney generate bulky, heavy waste materials? Will they be in a hard-to-reach area? Whether you answered ‘yes’ to one or both questions, a grab hire vehicle provides a simple solution. One of the primary benefits of a grab lorry is its ability to manage a range of waste types.


In addition to general rubbish clearance, our qualified drivers and operators collect cement, concrete, bricks, garden waste, soil and much more. We can even provide easy collection if these materials are behind walls, fences or anywhere in an unusual landscape. Whatever type of muck away or waste clearance you need, our grab hire fleet is up to the task.


A Grab Lorry Can Save You Time


Be it in Putney or any other location, every building project has a deadline to meet. If you’ve already fallen behind your schedule for works, our grab hire service can help to claw some time back. Regardless of your starting point, you won’t need to apply for a permit, as is the case with skip hire. This immediately eliminates the waiting time needed for approval.


Of even greater benefit, you won’t need to allocate any time to transporting waste into a skip either. By removing this process, your team has more energy and time to channel into the construction itself. When you need us for muck away, rubbish clearance or waste clearance, one of our grab hire vehicles will simply pick up your unwanted materials before disposing of them responsibly.


They Help to Manage Budgets


As with tight deadlines, construction projects in and around Putney must also operate within set budgets. Hiring a grab lorry can help to manage your overall costs. One alternative to grab hire is renting numerous skips for the duration of your job. Not only will you need to pay for a permit for each skip, you also have the rental costs too.


Because a single grab lorry has three times as much waste clearance capacity, you can usually hire them for one trip or a day. This makes a more cost-effective solution than the days, or even weeks, you may pay for a skip.


What’s more, because you will require less manual labour for your rubbish clearance, you can save money on hiring labourers to haul and break up your muck away and waste materials.

Call LTS Grab Hire on 0203 633 7004 or 07772 045 137 to schedule a consultation about your own waste clearance needs. We cover Putney and all surrounding areas.