Rubbish Clearance in Isleworth | What can a Grab Lorry Remove from a Waste Clearance?

One of the biggest benefits to using grab hire for a rubbish clearance is that a grab lorry can hold much more than a skip. If you have a domestic project to complete in Isleworth, or a commercial muck away job, we’re here to help. The material we derive from your clearance will undergo recycling at our own premises in Lower Tadworth, or at one of the many licensed transfer stations situated across the South East area.


With skips, there is a little more flexibility in what you can dispose of during a rubbish clearance, but this will depend on the company you choose and the waste they’ll accept.


A grab lorry will remove inert and non-hazardous waste. Some grab hire companies will take hazardous waste too, but most rubbish clearances in Isleworth tend to be less complicated. More than 90% of the materials we derive from muck away and waste clearance operations go back into secondary use, most often as recycled aggregates, crushed concrete and topsoil.


Everything we do is ethical, sustainable and geared towards protecting the environment for our next generations.

Here, we discuss some of the materials we can remove.


Muck and Spoil


A muck away service is a waste clearance that focuses on earth and rubble from groundwork operations. A grab lorry can hold more spoil than a skip, and LTS Grab Hire can also supply the job with tipper trucks. This type of waste must be inert and non-hazardous because it ends up recycled. Bagged, material then goes back into the building and construction sector as secondary aggregates. This can include concrete and topsoil.


Muck away waste must be non-hazardous or inert, meaning it may have undergone a biological, chemical or physical change, but not to the point where it contains harmful contaminants.


Green Waste


LTS Grab Hire can remove green waste from rubbish clearances in Isleworth. We can load grass, hedge cuttings and shrubbery onto a grab lorry for recycling. Did you know that up to 14% of waste from normal households falls into the green waste category? Some muck away jobs, particularly those from large-scale site clearances, will generate a sizeable proportion of green waste which we take to licensed transfer stations.


Some of this waste, like wood chippings, can go on to become a biomass fuel source. Most cuttings, however, go through the decomposition process to end up as compost for landscaping.




LTS Grab Hire is popular with tradesmen from Isleworth who create waste from their projects. Timber is a material that we remove by grab lorry. All timber derived from waste clearances goes to a specialist plant, not to landfill, because this reduces the demand for newly felled material. We can’t think of a better way to protect the environment than to save trees. There’s an ethical way in which we go about our business.


Muck away projects can generate small amounts of timber if we are coming in on the back of a major site clearance but most waste of this kind comes from landscapers and tree surgeons.


General Rubbish


You can, of course, book in for domestic or commercial rubbish clearances to have general waste removed. A grab lorry should only be at your site for around 20 to 30 minutes. If you have muck away waste from a private gardening or commercial landscaping job, or from one of your business projects, call LTS Grab Hire and we’ll arrange a prompt collection. We have approval to transport waste from the Environment Agency.


Our waste clearance services in Isleworth cover anything in the non-hazardous category. For domestic work, please be aware we cannot take away electrical items or white goods.

For muck away and rubbish clearance services in Isleworth, call 0203 633 7004 or 07772 045 137.