Site Clearances, Grab Hire and Muck Away in Brentford | Household Waste Management

Every home in Brentford generates waste and, in an age where we are asked to recycle as much material as possible, waste management is a collective effort between consumers and the service providers that they use. LTS Grab Hire operates out of Hounslow and covers all areas in Greater London. We are your local and regional site clearance, muck away and aggregate delivery specialists with our own dependable grab lorry and mini grab fleet.

From emergency grab hire for domestic projects in Brentford, to clearing the waste from construction work, we partner our customers and clients to make sure more than 90% of all collected materials go back into secondary use.

Here, we look at how grab hire companies handle domestic waste.

Solid Waste

This is a waste classification that focuses on non-liquid items that the customer generates during a domestic site clearance or muck away project. Based on the size of your collection, we will assign a grab lorry with a load capacity of up to 16 tonnes, or a mini grab with a load capacity of up to 9 tonnes.

Acceptable waste includes:

  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Glass and Windows
  • Carpets and Textiles
  • Scrap Metal Waste
  • Plastic Materials
  • Timber and Boarding

You can have solid waste collected from Brentford as part of a traditional or an emergency grab hire service to save money on hiring skips.

Liquid Waste

Because we are so familiar with site clearance, muck away and aggregate delivery orders related to construction work, liquid rarely comes into the equation on domestic or commercial jobs. Many liquids are toxic and can harm the environment, so we will usually recommend specialist disposal.

You can contact your local authority to find out more about having soiled or contaminated waste, greases and oils removed from your property.

Organic Waste

Some organic waste will find its way onto a grab lorry or a mini grab when we collect in bags, but we strongly advise that homeowners recycle at their own ends by composting food waste wherever possible. Anything we collect from Brentford and identify as organic waste usually goes into feeding livestock.

If you decide to start a compost bin, LTS Grab Hire applauds your efforts, and we recommend that you use composted waste to enrich your garden.

Recyclable Waste

Choose us for site clearances, muck away projects or emergency grab hire in Brentford, and we will accept all types of recyclable waste. LTS Grab Hire has excellent relationships with waste transfer stations across the region and we work with them at close quarters to help maintain 90%+ recycling targets.

Rubble from a muck away project undergoes screening and processing for use in building or landscaping, which we can supply by aggregate delivery.

Hazardous Waste

Although hazardous waste is more often associated with construction work and commercial collections, some domestic projects will still generate materials that cause us concern. Asbestos, acids, bleaches, oils and solvents can be just as dangerous to the environment as they are to human beings.

We cannot accept hazardous waste onto a grab lorry or a mini grab, but we can give Brentford residents good advice on how to dispose of it ethically.

Call LTS Grab Hire on 07497 355162 for site clearance and muck away services in Brentford and the Greater London area.