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Commercial Waste Clearance in Barnes and Local Areas

At LTS Grab Hire, our waste clearance team is fully-qualified and experienced at carrying out commercial muck away services at venues in Barnes and the local area. Clients can rely on the expertise of our grab lorry specialists to complete rubbish clearance duties to exceptional standards at offices and construction sites, complying with UK Health and Safety regulations.

Safe Waste Clearance

The safe handling of any muck away or waste clearance services, undertaken by a professional grab hire company such as our own, is outlined by the EU Waste Framework Directive. This highlights the responsible means of collecting, transferring, recycling and disposing of waste, ensuring that it doesn’t endanger public health or harms the environment. The EU Waste Framework Directive also encourages businesses in Barnes and the surrounding areas to reduce the amount of waste that is produced and to use certified waste clearance companies that recycle waste into secondary aggregates.

Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP)

Since the government legislation for Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP) was repealed in 2013, commercial companies in Barnes and throughout the UK are not legally obliged to have a SWMP in place for their rubbish clearance. However, a SWMP is still commonly used as it is an ideal way to retain a smooth-running operation. A SWMP that incorporates grab lorry hire will ensure the health and safety for the workers and the environment.


A site manager will oversee the grab hire and rubbish clearance to maintain an organised and responsible SWMP is upheld by the entire workforce, which serves to benefit commercial projects in the following ways:


  • Estimated and actual amounts of waste for rubbish clearance can be recorded
  • Non-hazardous, recyclable materials can be sorted by a grab lorry team
  • Landfill waste can be reduced using a professional waste clearance company
  • Commercial sites in Barnes can be kept clear of obstacles and safety hazards
  • Increases the demand for secondary aggregates produced from muck away waste
  • Grab lorry fleets can be regularly used to complete time-efficient rubbish clearances


Maintaining a Duty of Care


At LTS Grab Hire, we help commercial businesses in Barnes to successfully pass an Environment Agency inspection. This includes providing up-to-date records, company details and copies of waste transfer receipts for muck away and waste clearance jobs over the last two years. This level of care extends to securing a safe working environment:


  • Infestations of Pests and Germs – A build-up of waste products is extremely unsanitary and can attract pests, such as rats and foxes, if rubbish clearance is not taken care of. Waste which is exposed to extreme weather over time, such as rain and heat, can rot and breed germs or bacteria.
  • Accidents and Fire Hazards – A grab lorry can prevent piles of waste becoming a tripping hazard, which can block workers’ access to commercial sites in Barnes. Common materials that make up waste clearance and rubbish clearance tasks include plastic, wood, cardboard and paper, which can be highly flammable. Our grab lorry team can routinely remove grab hire or muck away waste to prevent any accidents in the workplace.


Pre-Treatment Regulations


Non-hazardous, biodegradable waste will be screened for renewable sources of energy by grab hire companies such as our own. Any non-recyclable products we collect will be treated before they are transferred to a registered landfill, which aims to prevent pollution and harmful emissions affecting the atmosphere.

To get a free quote for our commercial grab hire and waste clearance services in Barnes, Surrey, Middlesex and the London areas, call 07772 045 137.